Risks and Side Effects

Risks and side effects of using non-genuine Gema products and parts 2018-07-17T09:29:22+04:00

Risks and side effects of using non-genuine Gema products and parts

Remember, by choosing non-genuine Gema components, you may affect your coating performance and significantly impair your equipment’s lifespan.

Weak performance and poor reliability

  • In most cases the material specification is rationalized, so there is a real risk that these parts will not fit correctly. This can result in rapid wear, compromised performance, poor reliability, higher powder and energy consumption and even component damage or equipment failure.
  • Manufacturers of non-genuine parts do not have access to Gema technical data and drawings so these parts are designed and manufactured in isolation from the rest of the equipment.

Safety and health risk

  • Non-genuine parts are designed using reverse engineering (copying an original component).
  • Health & Safety, DSEAR, ATEX, Electrical & Machinery directives may not be met with copy spare parts, and puts at risk health and safety considerations and invalidate insurance policies.
  • The usage of non-genuine parts is a risk to the safety and health of the coating line’s operators and can be hazardous to the environment.
  • The lack of traceability of non-genuine parts is an additional threat. Problems with copied parts might occur at any time and can even lead to explosions due to the usage of electrostatics.

Higher investment and operating costs

  • Non-genuine parts will lead to higher investment costs of the coating line. The lifetime of fake products is much shorter than those of original parts. Additional costs for higher powder consumptions by using non-original parts might also occur.

No warranty, no support

  • If non-genuine parts are used in Gema equipment and products, this will void the equipment warranty.
  • Suppliers of non-genuine parts will only provide a small range of the high volume part numbers. They will not support the complete Gema range and these parts will not be covered by the any Gema warranties.
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