Original Gema Parts Only

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Why you should trust in original Gema parts only:

Gema prides itself on understanding your needs, and consistently delivering products and solutions that our customers depend on. Gema powder equipment is supported around the clock by local spares and support providers who operate an efficient supply chain and distribution centers across the globe. This means whatever part you need, we can get it to you quickly, minimizing your downtime.

Best coating performance:

  • Genuine Gema parts are specially designed to work together to maximize component life and deliver first class coating performance.
  • They ensure optimum coating performance, reduce powder consumption and increase energy efficiency.
  • Gema parts restore best powder performance and transfer efficiency.

Full compliance with safety and health regulations:

  • All Gema products supplied comply with current Health & Safety, DSEAR, ATEX, Electrical & Machinery directives and don’t compromise insurance validation.
  • The usage of original components protects the safety and health of the operators and complies also with ecological standards.

Cost Savings and reliability:

  • Gema components are designed to work together to maximize component life with consistent coating results and reliable performance.
  • Gema parts match the individual product characteristics across the whole Gema equipment range, to fit first time and saving on costly downtime.

Full Warranty and support:

  • Original parts are covered by Gema warranties worldwide.
  • Full traceability of the Gema parts to the distribution network is ensured.
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